08 May 2017

The site is now closed. Karla's pictures and videos are now available on tatinha.online.fr

01 May 2017

The site will close on May 08th. Hurry up if you wanted to subscribe!

01 April 2017

Membership promotion ended

28 February 2017

Great Offer for March! 50% Discount on the monthly membership! Don't miss it!

30 October 2016

Gallery 11 with 21 pictures from my video message. Better resolution. Sample in Free area.

26 September 2016

3 new great selfies. They have been added in the gallery 08. Large size pictures.

25 September 2016

105 pictures in the gallery 10. Portraits and Close up with my regular glasses.

23 September 2016

A video message for my Members. Visitors can see it on About Me page in low quality.

21 September 2016

120 pictures in the gallery 09. Portraits and Close up with my tinted glasses.

28 August 2016

I did 4 nice selfies for you. You can see them in the gallery 08. Large size pictures.

26 August 2016

More than 80 pics from the last video in the gallery 07. The resolution is better than in the video.

24 August 2016

High Resolution Video. Coming Home from Work (Member Request). Taking off my high heels, making myself comfortable on the couch and then cleaning my glasses Check Free area for sample pics.

17 August 2016

30 minutes Videos. Backlight effects on my Regular glasses and also on the Tinted ones.
Check the Free area for sample.

02 August 2016

2 videos. Switching Glasses / Playing with cats & showing all my glasses. Look how I'm in blur without glasses.

25 July 2016

I'm showing in a video unused -19 lenses and old broken glasses with a lense missing. Sample pic on Free area

21 July 2016

Long video 23 minutes. Chatting and showing how my distance vision is short. Sample animaton on Free area

14 July 2016

I love to read! See me reading in the gallery 06. Nice high quality pictures.

12 July 2016

A new gallery 05. I'm wearing my thick glasses. 26 different poses with makeup.

28 June 2016

Another video. In the morning without makeup, I'm showing my glasses closer. Sample pic on Free area.

18 June 2016

My old RX prescription, see About Me. A new gallery 04, I'm wearing High Heels. Sample on Free area.

17 June 2016

New video. I'm showing my glasses closer.Sample pics on Free area.

14 June 2016

New gallery 03. Sample on Free area. I'm putting lipstick and I'm lying on her bed with my cat.

10 June 2016

Video I'm showing the RX details of my -24.00 SAPHIR Spheric contact lenses.

09 June 2016

Members are able to see me switching from contacts to my 2 glasses.

08 June 2016

I published some nices pictures. They are on gallery 02. One sample on Free area.

04 June 2016

2 animations on Free area - Check my contacts order and see me switching to glasses.

01 June 2016

Members can see a first gallery with more than 150 pics. A diaporama is available.

01 June 2016

Site opening - Welcome to the visitors and thanks to the first subscribers !






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